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F3 Innovate is the nation’s hub for climate-smart agrifood technology and engineering.  


Headquartered in California’s Central Valley, where half the nation’s fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts are produced, F3 Innovate is surrounded by more than 13,650 farming enterprises and 5 million acres of irrigated farmland. 


F3 Innovate supports industry R&D with the nation’s premiere research institutions in the place where specialty crops and tech thrive. Students are trained in research and graduate ready to join the future of food workforce. With access to federal and state backing, test sites, and research labs, F3 Innovate is equipped to design and support the next generation of engineering solutions for sustainable food production around the world.


Support industry-university research partnerships to develop sustainable food production solutions

Agrifood technology commercialization 

Workforce development in agrifood technology

Inclusive innovation and economic development for California’s Central Valley

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