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Plant Biologist


To build the climate-smart food and agtech cluster, deliver on new ideas, and improve the Valley, the F3 Collaborative R&D Challenge provides funds for research teams to partner with industry.

In 2022, $600k was dispersed to the following teams in the research strengths of: 

  • Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Digital Mapping and Data for Decision-making

  • Automation, Cyberphysical Systems, Robotics, and Mechatronics

  • Food-Energy-Water Systems (e.g., biomass, agrivoltaics, vertical farming)

  • Internet-of-Things, Edge Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, and Image Processing

  • Advanced Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Digital Twins

  • Water Information and Accounting (e.g., precision irrigation, groundwater recharge)

  • “Technology Stack” Systems Integration

  • Small Farmer Tech Solutions

  • Climate Resilience and Regenerative Agriculture

Check back for more information about the F3 Innovation Collaborative R&D Challenge awardees!

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